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The Annual TPA Expo is proudly sponsored by BES-TEX Supply in San Angelo, Texas!

BES-TEX was started in 1957 by Roy Sims and was running the business out of his white station wagon. The company was created with Roy selling just a handful of products. One of those products was TUF Tracking Powder for mice. He packaged and labeled every 4 oz bottle on the weekends and then would distribute and sell them during the week. (If you're curious about where the name "Tuf" came from…it was originated from Roy's love for boxing!)

Fast forward to 2003 when Monte Sims, the great-grandson of Roy Sims, purchased BES-TEX Insecticide and changed the name to BES-TEX Supply, LLC. He moved the company in 2005 from South Chadbourne St., near Goodfellow Air Force Base, to 3808 Devonian Dr. In 2005, BES-TEX Supply began dealing in power equipment to go along with the herbicides, insecticides and lawn/landscape supplies already offered…becoming a true one-stop shop for customers.

BES-TEX Supply has now outgrown the 6000 sq ft warehouse at Devonian Dr. and moved over to its fourth location, a new 14,000 sq ft retail warehouse and service center located at 4512 Adobe Dr. in San Angelo. 

Looking to the future, Roy Sims’ legacy will never be forgotten. His tradition of exceptional customer service, the best products, and the most knowledgeable staff will be continued as BES-TEX Supply moves forward.